The Second International Conference on GeoSpatial Semantics (GeoS 2007) will be held in Mexico City, November 29-30, 2007 at the Centro de Investigación en Computación. This conference provides an opportunity for prominent specialists, researchers, engineers and practitioners throughout the world to share their latest researches in GeoSpatial Semantics. GeoS 2007 aims at providing a timely forum for the exchange of state-of-the-art research results in the areas of modeling and processing of geospatial semantics. Geospatial semantics play an important role for next-generation spatial databases and geographic information systems, as well as specialized geospatial web services. This conference will bring together researchers whose expertise will address such issues as:

  • Theories for geospatial semantic information
    Formal representations for geospatial data
    Models and languages for geoontologies
    Alignment and integration of geoontologies
    Integration of semantics into spatial query processing
    Similarity comparisons of spatial datasets
    Ontology-based spatial information retrieval
    Ontology-driven GIS
    Geospatial Semantic Web
    Multicultural aspects of spatial knowledge

Publication of the proceedings in Lecture Notes in Computer Science.